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We are an independent personal training facility here to make YOU, the trainer, the BOSS of your life. Our model allows you to work independently and build your brand by offering you a facility you can call your own. We strive for excellence in our brand and we expect nothing more than 100% from our trainers. 

Meet the Trainers 

Roscoe Evans


I've been in the fitness for over 20+yrs. I pride myself in listening to what my clients want. Understanding that my time with each person is personal. With the experience I've gained by training the different array of people Ive come to learn that reaching physical goals is just the tip of the iceberg. Our sessions then can become comprised of overcoming everything in their lives.


My motto is, "The obstacles that we face are there to teach us, so we don't repeat them again."



Edmond Adams


I've been personal training for 15+ yrs. I have been a fitness professional for the last 10 yrs. That means within the last 10yrs Ive come to understand that training is not just putting together programs, talking about nutrition and working people out. All those are important but It's about truly connecting, so we can count on each other. This allows us to believe in each other and be honest as possible.


My motto is, "Dedication, determination and discipline is just half the job. The other half is having an open mind and heart. This allows the unthinkable to truly be achieved."

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Call Edmond Adams @ 1 (718) 506-8153 and enjoy your initial training session "on the house" as our way of saying WELCOME TO BOSS NYC!

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